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No Jeff, it was JS Russell who responded to the rules I wrote by saying I
don't know what I am talking about.  Why would you assume I accuse you of
being offensive when you were not being offensive?  May I suggest this is
the Israel and Palestine problem.  Because the attack is assumed, the
defensive action is assumed necessary, and both sides believe themselves
only to be defending against attack.

The rules I wrote are about preventing this problem.  Jeff, I was shocked
when assumed I had accused of an attack when you had not done so.  And I
quit reading what you had to say, as soon as it was obvious you thought I
had attacked you for being offensive, when you were not, even thought I
am very curious about what you have to say, because usually you say very
intelligent things.    Whatever you wanted to say, would probably be more
pleasant to read, if you didn't feel a need to defend yourself against an
unreasonable woman?  When people assume an attack is coming, their
defensives go up and the communication becomes combat instead enjoyable
sharing of information.  I am not at war with anyone, and do not desire
combative communication.  I think both the Israeli and Palestinians would
claim they do not want to fight, and it is the behavior of the other
causing the problem.  Jeff, if you and I can not get beyond assuming an
attack is coming, there is no hope of peace between Israel and Palestine.

I subscribe to (W&P) to discuss such things as mineral resources and war
and what this has to do with politics and social order.  Jeff, you
objected to pointless one liners, and I object to all the personal
attacks on (W&P) that are between two other people and have nothing to do
with me.   I respect you for many of things you have said, and if you
want me to unsubscribe and stop interfering with what is done on (W&P) I
will.  I don't need to fight for this territory, and sure have better
things to do, if the issues aren't going to be the focus.   CS

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