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(CS)Next, I love a good argument that either corrects my lack of information 
or poor logic or poor explanation of what I am saying.  JS Russell did not 
address what I said, before attacking me with his opinion that I don't know 
what I am talking about, when I was speaking of values that I would defend 
with my life.  Big difference between address an issue or making a personal 

You made a blanket - and false - assessment of the military and its values. 
If it wasn't what you meant, then you must accept that you were not clear, 
and that lack of clarity can lead people to respond to you in certain ways. 
If that is the case, then I am happy to reassess my analysis of your 
statement. However, as they stood - and I reviewed them and my response - 
they were wrong and did display ignorance about that to which you were 
referring. You want to escape that conclusion, you are free to do so. 
However, unless and until you choose to address me directly, I would 
appreciate the courtesy of being left out of your conversations - if you 
will not read my posts, you are in no position to expound upon my positions, 
opinions, and renderings.

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