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(CS)When I stated the values for which I am willing to give my life, someone 
said I don't know what I am talking about.

Let's just be honest about things, here. I responded to this statement:

"1. We are respectful to everyone because we are respectful people.
2. We act with dignity and protect the dignity of others.
3. We act with integrity.
When we live by these rules, we can do far more good then when we
criticize, demand and reject others.   These rules are not how the
military does things and the difference is a serious political issue."

I reiterate, the portion where you state,"These rules are not how the 
military does things....", that is, they are not respectful, do not act with 
the interest of the dignity of others, and does not act with integrity, 
display an ignorance of the military, especially that in the US, today. Jeff 
stated the same thing. It was offensive, it was a blanket accusation lobbed 
against a group. If blacks, for example, had been substituted for "the 
military," the slur would have been manifest, you likely would have been 
kicked out of the forum. Why is it ok to make such comments about the 
military, and the people who serve.

In any event, this is what you WROTE. I have no powers of omniscience. If it 
is not what you wrote, I am perfectly happy to reassess. As yet, you've made 
no statement to the contrary, so I am left with my original impression.

And insofar as this discourse regarding personal attacks is concerned, I 
think it's silly. I've never suggested you are permanently incapable of 
achieving a better understanding of the military. My mother used to be 
ignorant of the facts - a product of the 60's and 70's that she was, she had 
a particular impression in her mind about the military. Since meeting my 
husband and other people in the military with whom I associate, she has 
learned more and changed her impression. You may in fact be ignorant. That's 
not a personal attack. You may not be ignorant, but merely mistaken in how 
you worded your statement. I have no way to know that. But even if that's 
the case, the onus is upon you either to explain how you misspoke or accept 
that I disagree with your opinions re the military because I honestly don't 
think you know much about it, and the statement cited above would tend to 
support that assessment.


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