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>From: maree <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Some areas have far more that 5 candidates standing for election. Voters
>number the boxes in order of preference, they do not list candidates.

Yes, you're right.  I forgot that voters just number the candidates, rather 
than write in the name.

So, based on your description, Australia uses a hand-counting system?

> > For example, my presidential ballot might read:
> > 1. Harry Browne (the best man for the job IMO)
> > 2. John McCain
> > 3. George Bush
> > 4. Al Gore
> > 5. Buchanan
> >
> > Obviously, Harry Browne won't win.  But I don't feel like I've "wasted 
> > vote" by listing him.  Even if Browne is rejected as unpopular, John
> > becomes my #2 vote... then George Bush my #3 vote... and so on.
> >
>Maybe, maybe not... but I suppose it is a simple explanation. What it
>basically means is that those 19000 votes that were in didpute, and those
>votes that went to lesser candidates, by having a preferential system, they
>would have been passed on to other candidates. May have lessened the chaos,
>but then again... may not !

Well, there's no such think as a perfect counting system.  Any system has a 
certain margin of error and hence there will always be disputes in close 

The reason I think an Australian Ballot is preferable is because it would 
allow the U.S. to have a true multi-party system rather than a duopoly of 

For example, I voted for the Libertarian party.  That was basically a wasted 
vote, because other Libertarian-minded persons are afraid that voting for 
such small party will allow the Democrats to win (as happened in 1992 with 
the Reform & Republican parties splitting the conservative vote).  So, they 
vote Republican instead.  And my vote is wasted on a loser party.  And the 
Democrats/Republicans remain dominant.

An Australian ballot eliminates the "wasted vote" problem.  I can safely 
vote for the Libertarian or Green or Reform parties..... and yet still back 
them up with a "safe" Republican vote to keep out the Democrat.

>Please do, we are a caring and sharing nation, you know !!!!!!!!



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