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JS Russell,

Hopefully, you can quote what I wrote that you call a blanket and false
assessment of the military and its values, and than write, "I disagree
with this statement because.......

As long the subject is the focus of discussion, there are no personal
attacks.  And if I expressed myself poorly, I would like the opportunity
to try again.   

Would it help if you knew my father served in WWII, my mother sang for
USO shows, my son served in the army and is strongly in favor of his son
serving.  My objection to the military is how military mentality has
effected our society and the world.  This is a very board statement, and
I will be glad to explain it in more detail again, if you want.    Jeff,
had a better ssnse of my meaning when he said I should use the word
fascism, but the whole of it is greater than the words fascism and
military, and boy, have people come unglued on me when I've used the word
fascism.  You know, it can be really hard to please all the people all
the time.     CS 

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