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(CS)Give me a break,  Jill.  You don't have to say am a  "stupid all old
woman who can not understand" to rely the message.  The disrespect of
telling me I don't know what I am talking was not subtle, and made it
very clear you do not respect me. You can  write all day about higher 
standards of being respectful, without changing the behavior and the intend 
of it.   Are you denying the intent of telling me I don't know what I am 
talking about?  Wow, how Palestine and Israel can we get?

Give me a break. As I said, my post was directly addressed to your comments 
- without the later further explanation - which to my understanding of 
military affairs, DID display ignorance. Whether you are actually ignorant, 
I at the other end of your zeroes and ones cannot tell - hence, my remarks 
were directed at your words. My husband read it and was astounded, and, if 
he were given to such sentiment, offended. If it really wasn't what you 
meant, then fine. But the way it came across, the bare bones of what you 
wrote left you open to criticism. You may not like that, but there's not 
much I can do about it. Whether you agree, my point in the distinction 
between the two types of statements was to convey that while I will respect 
the person, I do not need to give obeisance to the ideas.

Further, I don't agree with your standard that we must use sweet words to 
convey respect. Just partaking of discourse with you is a measure of 
respect. However, as many have pointed out, I am blunt. I don't mince words, 
I don't say things so that people will feel better. I think that's lying, 
and that certainly does come under the heading of respect.

The bottom line - if you can feel that it was an attack, you must also 
accept that, according to my standards, it was not. I'll offer my apologies 
that you 'felt' attacked, but I won't confess that that was my intent or 

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