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Good question.  "Was it them or the media? You must also remember with
the conglomeration and monopolization of media into the hands of few,
that they are dictating according to their profit margin who will be
heard and who won't". However, who would want a president that follows
the dictates of media?  This idea is even more demoralizing.

It would be great if  we all had time to read history and John Garcia's
book "Moral Society".  He explains the corrupting nature of bureaucracy
as power tends to solidify in a few hands and pressures lead to immoral
decisions until the civilization falls. 

 Autocracy always works to reduce the number of decision makers.  This is
more efficient, but it also atrophies the whole civilization.  Democracy
works to include the largest number of decision makers, and this most
certainly is not efficient, but it is away of life, and rarely do we need
to be in a hurry to make decisions.

 In a time of emergency we want autocracy for rapid decision making, and
I think there is an effort to make us all believe everyday is an
emergency or a day away from all out war, to secure more and more power
in a few hands.  I am afraid we haven't returned to peace time thinking
since the invention of air warfare.  In times of peace, we can take the
time for everyone to give an opinion and discuss things until their is a
consensus on the best reasoning.   Democracy is a way of life that
shouldn't be rushed.   CS

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