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Wow, what a good idea, John.

On Mon, 18 Dec 2000 04:08:29 -0800 John T <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I'm looking for some opinions on "nationalism".
> It seems that just about every country can point to some point in 
> their
> history and say "The world wouldn't be the same if <major 
> contributions>
> hadn't happened here!"

As we feel better ourselves when are proud of our family, I think we feel
better about ourselves when feel proud of our country.  I think
nationalism is a wonderful thing and that this doesn't have to lead to
war.  In Eugene, Oregon there is a wonderful example of nationalism that
leads to peace and good will.  It is the annual Asian festival and the
annual Asian Drumming.  Both events demonstrate the pride Asian people
have in their countries and heritage, and they are well attended by
living in the area who take pride in being cosmopolitan.  These events
leave everyone enjoying the differences of the people around the world,
as we enjoy a variety of flowers.  They increase understanding of
feelings of friendship, and this leads to peace.    CS   >>>>>>>>>>>
 > Since we have a fairly wide representation in this list's membership 
> of the
> world's countries... What would you consider to be some of the 
> "major
> contributions" of Your country? And do you feel that others have a 
> tendency
> to discount it or ignore it entirely?
> How far back in time do you have to reach to find the "major 
> contributions"?
> The invention of 'fire'? Building the pyramids (either Aztec or 
> Egyptian :))?
> Great artwork? Inventions? Philosophy? etc etc etc....
> And how does this color your perceptions and the perceptions of 
> others?
> I know, pretty broad... but if you let yourselves go with it, I'm 
> sure we can
> generate some interesting discussions.... and everyone is free to 
> branch off
> with new subject lines, of course :)
> Let the discussion Begin!

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