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>  Unsubscribe Directions are on the bottom of every message, Troy... just 
>on the other list.

Oh.  I was looking in the message headers for an X-Unsubscribe: line.  Duh.  

>  But if you don't have time to read all the messages, why did you just 
>the High volume version of this list?  Seems contradictory :)

I can read the messages on the website if I have free time.  That way, I 
don't need to worry about my mailbox overflowing.

Besides, it seems that lately topica.com has far more messages.

| "If men were angels, no government would be necessary.
| "If angels were to govern men, no controls on government
| would be necessary.  In framing a gov't of men over men...
| enable the gov't to control the governed, then... oblige
| it via a Constitution to control itself." - Madison
Troy, libertarian-republican, http://geocities.com/videonovels

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