Title: RE: {W&P} personal attacks, new world order
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> don't know what I am talking about.  Why would you assume I
> accuse you of
> being offensive when you were not being offensive?  May I

Read through the archives and you'll see that you accused me of directly attacking you shortly after joining the list.  I'm not going to search and point you to a direct message, but it's in there somewhere.

This list is an interesting experiment in group dynamics.  Every time a new member joins, either they're silent or they join the debate.  If they join, we go through the entire process of forming, storming, norming...all over again.  But every time I think we're moving into the performing stage, something like this comes up and we revert to norming.  Keep this up and soon I'll be adjourning!  (joke, you can't get rid of me that easily)


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