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I meant to convey that the Canadian newspaper article was in relation to the nationalism thread, but I forgot.  Anyway, that's something I'm proud of...America tries to help.  I understand that our interests are usually somehow served as well, and like everyone else we've had some dark spots in our history, but I think the intent is not always completely self-serving.
  And not all the help that America provides is government sponsored... we have plenty of volunteer and emergency services which provide aid.
  Some of that aid could be better spent at home, though...
Also, I've just written a paper on the impact of cookies, web bugs and online profiling upon privacy in America, including a bit about the direction of legislation to protect privacy versus protecting the right of the business to collect and catalog information in the public domain.  It's partially relevant to this list as privacy is a cornerstone of American politics, but it's about 28 pages or so in Word so I don't want to post it unless there's interest.  Let me know if you want to read it, and I'll email you personally.  If there's enough interest I'll post it.  I found the research extremely interesting, and it may spark a new thread!
  It's a shame that Topica doesn't have a "Files" feature, you could upload it for anyone who might be interested. Are you a member of the eGroups version of this list? You might consider uploading it there... as far as I can tell, most of the members of this list are also members over there... but here they don't get flooded by messages and they can post their opinions without worrying about getting lost in the flood (the other list has been known to have over 100 messages/day :))
  If you are a member you can upload it to that Files area and provide a link to it for others to use to view/download it.
John T - {W&P} list owner
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