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That was an excellent explanation of how the meanings of liberal and
conservative flipped.
I am putting that in my quotes for future reference.  It is was driving
me nuts trying to understand how liberal came to mean government control.

Next, I love a good argument that either corrects my lack of information
or poor logic or poor explanation of what I am saying.  JS Russell did
not address what I said, before attacking me with his opinion that I
don't know what I am talking about, when I was speaking of values that I
would defend with my life.  Big difference between address an issue or
making a personal attack.

I am sorry, I just can not have the faith in Reagan and Bush that you
have.  Reagan flat out lied to us when he said we do not need to
conserve, during his campaign with Carter who said we do need to
conserve.  In the new 10 years we consumed as much oil as we had consumed
in the previous 100.  This was done, despite the 1920's warning, "Giving
our known supply of oil and rate of consumption, we are headed for
economic disaster and war".  To understand the seriousness of his lie, I
wish people would read "GeoDestinies- The inevitable control of Earth
resources over nations and individuals".  You can check out what is said
of this book at Capstone.edu/geodest

Reagan kept insisting we did not have a homeless problem, while my home
was full of young homeless people.  My life was hell trying to be a one
person human resource center in the face of denial of a problem, and I
began a homeless advocate to change the perception that we didn't have a
homeless problem.  And I don't think you were very old, or at least not
an adult in Oregon, when you believe no harm was done by slashing
domestic budgets.   You just couldn't believe what you believe and
witnessed the human suffering I witnessed.  Lives were devastated,
unmarried teen pregnancies soared our of control, when young people were
afraid to marry.  You just couldn't have experienced what was happening
to people, after Reagan scapegoat the poor for our economic problems. 

 I saw what was done to the research on poverty.  It was completely
replaced with research on welfare fraud, and that makes the research
obviously biased with a predetermined desired result, and it was
propaganda to use the results of this research to cut domestic budgets. 
I don't remember any boosting about how much money we began granting mid
east countries in the form of arms.  We jumped all over Clinton for
allowing the Chinese technology that could be used for weapons, and said
Clinton destablized this area.  I assure you, Reagan's administration
destablized the mid east.
If you want quotes from the geologist who explained the oil problem, I
will provide them.

What was done is exactly what Germany did, when it began mobilizing for
war, and this is not the only way we imitated Germany.  Honestly, the
1958 National Defense Education Act may have been justified by the cold
war, but all the same, that alone would justify Bush's claim that we are
the New World Order.  I can give you education quotes dating from the
first world war, to validate what I am saying.

I really need to get all my book quotes on a web site so others can read
for themselves what I have read and come to their own conclusion, but I
don't know how and I ran out of money for paying someone to help me.

I don't think I ever used the term war monger.  I think if you didn't
feel defensive, you would notice I am talking about economic forces and
politics, far more than I am talking about what the military is doing.  I
am not an expert on the military, but do understand something about
military technology as it relates education and to the New World Order. 
The book "Victory By Air" explains the disastrous mistake we made by
neglecting to develop air warfare capabilities, and then proceeds to
explain how with air warfare we can control the world.  I think a person
would have to be very innocent to think our nation is above such lust for
world power.  This is not war monger, it is lust for power that is
preferably achieved without having to go to war.  It means being able to
tell the world to go fly a kite- that we will use as much oil as we want
and no one is going to stop us.  It is the big boys game of
one-up-manship, and I think the same mistake Athens made.    CS

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