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> >
> > Well, what's everyone doing these days?
> >
> Relaxing in the pool

Lucky Maree: Writing an assignment about Marx's
epistemology (don't even ask. By the way, I checked
and he's not one of the brothers...); Trying to find
out what went wrong with my newsletter's
(http://www.political-tips.com) server; and mainly

> > Is Saddam Hussein stepping down?
> >
> I don't think so, he is probably relishing in the US
> Presidential elections.

There's a rumour here in the Mid East as if he had a
stroke. However, even if he dies, I doubt if his
successor will be much nicer. 

> > Will OPEC cut back on production Again and raise
> Oil Prices?
> >
> probably, they have the upperhand, and know that
> because so much of the
> globe is at their disposal.

Furthermore. Young Mr Bush has "some" oil interests. 

> > Anyone have anything else they might want to
> discuss?
> >
> >
> whats happening in Israel at the moment ?

War and Politics ;-)
War - even if you don't hear about it everyday in the
news, people keep on getting killed. For example: This
week a car blasted in Israel, a couple were killed in
the occupied territories (5 of their children wounded)
of Palestinian guns; Two men shot in Israel from the
territories (on a border area). In the Palestinian
side also - people (I think 3 were killed this week),
incl. a top member of the Tanzim - The PA's military

Politics - 
(1) Clinton still tries to get the two sides to talk.
As we speak, they are in Washington, as if there is no
(2) The couple who got killed in the territories, were
not just "a" couple. They were the son and daughter in
law of the notorious Rabbi Kahane. For those of you
who don't know: he was the Israeli version of a
Neo-Fascist/Aryan Nation - "kill all the Arabs, or at
least through them out". In the US he headed Jewish
Defence League - a violent organisation. I saw in
friday news coverage of their funral. Them crazy
followers shouting all these mantras and one of them
is holding a sign saying "I want war" - sure he does.
Most of these are Americans and Ultra Orthodox who
don't serve in the military. They don't care if out
brothers get killed for their cause. 


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