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GWB proves that he thinks of oil interests all the
time - he just said that he'll be "stikter" than

It should be noted, that this air-strike, as
frightening as it may be, is pretty "regular" - I
remember they done it every forthnight or so. 

That brings up the question - besides oil interests
and the fact that GWB is not the man to say "we've
been wrong" - what's good about the strikes? It seems
to be that 9 years later, Saddam is still inpower, he
builds up forces (maybe less fiercefully than before,
but nevertheless), and the only ones that really
suffer is Iraqi babies: Saddam is glad to make them
poster boys of his struggle against the west. 

It might be a "bigger" discussion than Iraq (that
comes up every few threads here...): Are sanctions a
practical policy? 

Take Cuba for example, take China for another example:
When it's convinient for the US, the ignore communism
for trade interests. 

Take Iraq, and take Iran; Take Serbia; or any other
example in the past. Arms embargo doesn't mean no arms
(because you can always find the greey bastard who'll
sell); trade embargo is partly immoral and almost
always inefficient (since it's hard to enforce it on
all countries in the world, not all of them share your


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