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Tamar Herzberg wrote:
> John T asked and I answer ;-)
> Sharon has a murky (*understatement*), militant
> (*another understatement*) past. [If you want to read
> a bit of a profile about him:
> http://www.themestream.com/articles/321754]. 
> However, Sharon is not the only factor here: -
> (1) The Knesset (Parliament) remains the same. That
> means that he will go to minority government (either
> with the right and the religious parties; or with
> Israel One - The-Party-Formerly-Known-as-Labour) -
> this coalition can drive him into things he wouldn't
> have done on his own (My husband made a bet: Sharon
> will be have shortest living PM career in Israel's
> history. That doesn't mean he won't drive us into
> hell, the holder of the record right now is Bibi
> Netanyahu). 
> (2) Palestinians - some say they earned this hardliner
> fair and square: first they shoot on Israeli citizens,
> Lynch 40-year-old reserve soldiers, and than they
> "complain" when less people in Israel believe in the
> peace process. In any case, their behaviour will be
> one of the crucial factors in Sharon's behaviour. 
> (3) The World - I believe that in the end of the day,
> whether it will be Sharon or the guy that will come
> after him. Israel will give up the Occupied
> Territories. 
> The process that began cannot stop or go backwards,
> even the right know it. Sharon already said that the
> settlements will have to re-think their position, or
> something like that. And that's coming from the man
> who built most of them! 
> May I remind this list and forum, that it was
> DeGaulle, a hardliner war-hero from the right, who
> finally gave up Algiria and Vietnam. Not his socialist
> predecessors. Maybe we'll be surprised here too. 
> Tamar
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