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I usually frown upon copying entire articles... usually a brief intro
followed by a link to the page is preferred... however, this site didn't
have a specific link to this article :(

Guns & Violence, War & Politics... all wrapped up into one article...

Any comments on the history of violence this article represents? Have we
learned any lessons from history? or are we doomed to repeat ourselves (in
the US and elsewhere)?

The US Civil War may seem far displaced in time but the politics behind it
are as pertinent today as they were back then... both in the US and
elsewhere... Can you compare something in today's political arena that
reflects events leading up to the history below? or compare the impending
loss of that history with something in the past?

What would have happened if today's "gun control" factions had limited the
citizens during this time period? Perhaps limiting firearms to only those
'registered' with the local constabulary? Requiring all others to make do
with knives, axes, or maybe bow & arrow?

Please read the article below and allow your imaginations to wander... then
start writing your responses :) (And, Please, post well thought out
responses not knee-jerk reactions which stifle discussion).

John T
FEBRUARY 27, 02:38 EST

Civil War Battlefields Said Harmed

Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - Urban sprawl, road-building and storm erosion are
endangering 10 of the nation's Civil War battlefields, including historic
Gettysburg, a preservation group said Tuesday.

``It's important to save these sites where the sacrifices of the Civil War
occurred,'' said Jim Campi, spokesman for the Civil War Preservation Trust.
``You really can't get an understanding of what happened there without being

The group said the most endangered battlefields in addition to Gettysburg
are at Allatoona, Ga., Brices Cross Roads, Miss., Fort Fisher, N.C., and
Harper's Ferry, W.Va.

The remaining five are Loudoun Valley, Va.; Mansfield, La.; Raymond, Miss.;
Stones River, Tenn.; and The Wilderness, Va.

Sites were included in the study based on geographic location, military
significance and the immediacy of current threats. ``Each of them is
threatened in some way, but the most common denominator is some form of
sprawl,'' Campi said.

At Gettysburg, the trust said a controversial new visitor's center could
become a magnet for chain restaurants and stores that encroach on the site
of the crucial July 1863 battle and famous address by President Lincoln
dedicating a national cemetery.

One exception is Fort Fischer, where the main threat is not from humans but
from hurricanes wearing down its fragmented remains. North Carolina recently
has helped, however, by spending $1 million, the report said.

Congress in 1991 created the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission to identify
the most important and threatened battlefields. It studied 384 sites and
listed 50 with the most urgent need for preservation. But after issuing its
findings in 1993, the commission was dissolved.

``Since then nothing has been done to follow up on that report,'' Campi

At least 71 of the nation's most significant Civil War battlefields already
have been lost, according to the National Park Service's American
Battlefield Protection Program.

Since 1990, the program has spent at least $4.4 million for 191 Civil
War-era preservation and enhancement projects

But the money has been spread thin, with an average award of $22,000 to each
of more than 100 historic battle sites in 21 states and the District of
Columbia. And a June 1999 status report found many states are protecting
only half or fewer of their battlefields adequately.

To help pick up the slack, the trust in the past 10 years has spent tens of
millions of dollars preserving 11,000 acres that it either maintains itself
or has donated to the National Park Service or to a state for safekeeping.

Last year, it spent about $5 million for 2,000 acres of battlefields spread
among Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania,
Tennessee and Virginia.


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