All the Web Development Tools you will ever need for only
US $49.95! HotDog Professional 6 Web Editor with support for
HTML, ASP, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript PLUS Ulead
PhotoImpact 5 and Cool 3D 2.5, Browser Master 2.1 and LinkBot 3.7
  Yep, and you now qualify for the booby prize :)
  See why the 'must post' rule is usually ineffective? Thanks maree :)
(and I have now satisfied the '2 post' rule and shall be quiet :))
John T
PS: Any comments on the removal of Russian 'agents' from the US and the Russian response?
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From: maree
----- Original Message -----
Excuse me for the typos**

Jerek Landin
Your 2nd
Only if I have to !
Hey, that's 2 posts in i day !
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