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From: "maree" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >
> > So, that being said.... who wants to start talking about War and
> > What's the latest 'hot spot'? Any comments on the removal of Russian
> > 'agents' from the US and the Russian response?
> > John T - War and Politics Owner
> >
> Does this mean that there will be tit for tat revivals, and I can do it
> better than you can mentality ?
> What actually were the Russians caught doing, or is it just supposition ?
> I thought the cold war had ended.
> Isn't the spy thing a bit parse?
> maree

  That's what was making headlines... they said that the spy population has
reached Cold War levels...  unfortunately, I've been working OT for the past
week and haven't had much time to check anything...  I was hoping that some
of the folks on this list would have some info to share...

  And now everything seems to be swept under the carpet.. I haven't seen nor
heard of anything since the news article last Thursday (at least I think it
was Thursday :))

  But the 'spy thing' is still going strong... technology that can be stolen
sure costs less than technology which is licensed...

  I still remember when the first low-end Soviet LED watch was released....
it was an almost exact duplicate of a Timex - the only difference was that
it's circuits were mirror imaged... as if they were copied from a magazine
photo (and at the time, Timex had an advertisement which included a photo of
their circuit board :))

  Of course, that could also have been some misinformation released to
tarnish the Soviets... who knows what was true and what wasn't... I doubt if
anyone could keep it all straight :)

  Any comments on 'disinformation'???

John T

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