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Tell others what you believe in!

HonouableMember.com has launched its political open forum. This is a 
chance for you to  truly communicate your points of view on a range of 
differing political policies.

A place of free thought for all political and non-political individuals, 
encouraging you to voice your opinion.  View and discuss your beliefs on 
one or several of the 80 differing policies listed.   

Cast a vote on differing issues, even better let the forum know the 
reasoning behind your stance on the policy of your choice.  Analyse what 
other people say, comment on their thoughts, but encourage individuals 
to comment on yours.  

·       An ideal opportunity to see the bigger picture.

·       Influence and be influenced.

HonourableMember.com is a truly independent web site and has created 
this forum to encourage people to talk about what really affects our 
everyday lives - policies not the politicians.  


Richard Leslie

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Check out http://clik.to/sf for other lists to join.

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