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Readers of this list may find the Eurasia Geopolitics moderated mailing 
list on eGroups a useful source of information on Eastern Europe, the 
former Soviet Union and Middle East. The list archives contain a variety 
of articles and reports on countries and issues of the region.

People interested in learning more about the list or registering to 
become members can visit the following url:


 The purpose of this group is to discuss and exchange information on 
geopolitical relations and the internal politics of the countries of the 
Central Eurasian Region   including countries of the Former Soviet 
Union, the Balkans, formerly Communist Central Europe, Turkey, Iran, 
Afghanistan and Pakistan. Participants are encouraged to contribute 
information and opinion about the region's geopolitical relations or 
particular countries. The emphasis will be on serious discussion and 
exchange of information from a comparative perspective. People with 
special knowledge of the region or any of its countries are encouraged 
to join and participate. 

Alan F. Fogelquist, Ph. D.
Eurasia Research Center

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