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Hi folks,

I know this list is billed as the 'low volume alternative' to the other 
list but we really need to get some activity going :)

So.... here's the Challenge:

I'd like to see as many as possible (everyone? :)) post at least 4 
separate messages dealing with 4 different "controversial" war/politics 
topics. If you duplicate someone else's topic, that's Ok as long as you 
have a new slant on it. 

Then when we have a few posts going, try to respond to the other posts 
with your own viewpoints on where the political situation might take us 
or them or whoever... 

A little give and take would be nice :)

If you have to play "devil's advocate", feel free to do so... but let's 
get some activity going!

I'm heading out to work right now so I hope to find a few good messages 
when I return... I'll be thinking of a few posts of my own to add when I 
get home.

Your participation would be appreciated!

John T - W&P owner

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