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> In a message dated 12/1/01 1:39:23 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
> writes:
> << I'd like to see as many as possible (everyone? :)) post at least 4 
>  separate messages dealing with 4 different "controversial" war/politics 
>  topics. If you duplicate someone else's topic, that's Ok as long as you 
>  have a new slant on it.  >>
> ______________________________________________________
> 1. Our current police action in Afghanistan -- I read recently that this
> has nothing to do with Usama bin Laden and EVERYTHING to do
> with the need to build a pipeline from the ... I think it's the Baltic 
> Sea
> to the gulf to deliver to market the 500 years worth of oil that Russia 
> has recently discovered. 
> LG

   I wouldn't put it past them, that's for sure... where did you hear 
about this?

  Siberian oil reserves have hardly been touched... I would guess part 
of the reason is difficulty of transport... and the weather 


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