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> writes:
> << I'd like to see as many as possible (everyone? :)) post at least 4 
>  separate messages dealing with 4 different "controversial" war/politics 
>  topics. If you duplicate someone else's topic, that's Ok as long as you 
>  have a new slant on it.  >>
> ________________________________________________________
> 3. The head terrorist in the attacks -- Atta -- supposedly went into a
> drugstore a week or so before the 11th to get something to treat a
> rash with. And according to the druggist, the rash was more like 
> something you'd get from handling radioactive waste than it was
> anthrax. An accompanying sidelight to this story is that each one
> of the hijacked planes was carrying a container of that same
> radioactive material in the hopes of causing mass exposure to
> radiation sickness.
> LG

   I haven't heard anything about radioactives being on board the 
hijacked planes on Sept 11th... how was it supposed to have been 
transported? Where was it kept? 

  They should be able to track the path the radioactives had taken ... 

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