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Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2001 10:58 AM
Subject: {W&P} Fascism
> Who is the most fascist world leader currently holding office?
> Hmm, how about... what place does Fascism have in the world today?
> Is there any way that the Third Reich will ever be reborn - will it be a 
> danger to democracy?
> Was the real downfall of the Third Reich due to Hitler's monomania or 
> was it inherent in the philosophy?

To answere those questions is guesswork, mostly. But a reflction:

Talking about fascism alone is not enough. You also have to talk about nationalism, as 

The most used scale to show the political spectra is a straigt line from left to right 
with communism to the left and fascism to the right. Now, that is a mistake as it 
shows fascism and nationalism as opposite powers. They are not!

Take this line by the ends and bend them down. Then you form a circle. There you find 
the fascism and the nazism side by side. They are very much related. The one kills for 
"The People", the other kills for "The Nation". The result is the same.

Anybody that shouts "Gott ist mit uns" or "God bless us" (Allah) is relating to 
tribalism. And tribalism (or nationalism) is the breedingground of war.

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