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<< How can this be allowed to continue? What can be done about it? >>

How can it be allowed to continue?
How can we stop it?

Sad to say, it's their country and their problem to solve. Other than
making it illegal to import the tanzanite into this country (which
would just develop into another item being smuggled in), I see no
way to force Tanzania to do anything. 

To us, what is happening is appalling ... but that's the difference 
between a so-called civilized and a non-civilized country. 

Look at Afgem: "At first sight, the mining compound looks like 
a military base in former South West Africa. High security fencing, 
razor wire, uniformed guards, guard dogs, guard towers. All for very 
good reasons ..." 

We can take the moral high-ground, and refuse to deal with
"barbarians" ... but there's nothing we can do about making them
less barbaric. It's a lot like quiting smoking ... you can't force
someone else to quit -- that's a decision they have to make on
their own -- and until they decide to do something about it,
nothing is going to change.


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