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In a message dated 12/2/01 2:07:23 AM Pacific Standard Time, [EMAIL PROTECTED] 

<<    Could it be someone taking advantage of the current Political 
 situation and trying to shift the blame to the terrorists ... could it 
 be a rather extreme/complex murder scenario? >>
With the news anchors and the Democrats -- probably a resoundingly
loud "YES!" ... Connecticut doesn't seem to fit that scenario though.

And the total lack of logic when saying the person who mailed the
letters in Treton -- LIVES in Trenton ..... If I was a detective, I'd be
looking for my suspects in Connecticut. (a) It would take an
immeasurable amount of stupidity for someone to actually mail
those letters in the same area that they lived (b) I may be way
off base on this, since I live on the west coast, but it doesn't seem
to me it would be that big a deal to drive down from Connecticut
to New Jersey to mail a few letters.....

<<   While we're at it.... why choose Anthrax as a terrorist tool? >>
Maybe the terrorists also watched "Mannix"?

That's the one episode I can remember with any clarity ... And I'm 
talking about when the show was on the network -- not reruns ...
It was about a herd of cattle that had anthrax and the bad guys
wanted to sell the herd to a slaughterhouse so they wouldn't lose
their investment ... good guy gets killed trying to stop them, relative
hires Mannix to find out what's really going on ... your standard
fare for that kind of show ... but it really made a deep impression
on me -- maybe because the story was so plausible.


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