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<<    I haven't heard anything about radioactives being on board the 
 hijacked planes on Sept 11th... how was it supposed to have been 
 transported? Where was it kept? 
   They should be able to track the path the radioactives had taken ...  >>
Neither have I ... other than this one piece of e-mail ...

"How was it supposed to have been transported?"
---> In a cylinder inside a suitcase ...

"Where was it kept?"
---> Not as a carry-on but with the other luggage.

"They should be able to track the path the radioactives had taken ..."
---> You would think! 

I don't know that much about radioactive waste ... but could the
intense heat have evaporated it -- burned it into non-existence -- 
if it was of a poor enough quality or a small enough amount?


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