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>From what I've heard, Pres. Bush has refused to sign quite a few
treaties... anyone have any ideas on Why?

For example: The UN Small Arms treaty,the treaty banning biological
warfare,the Kyoto global warming treaty,the list goes on....

President Bush listened realizes that if the US promises to not research, develop, and use biological weapons, we will be defenseless against such weapons. It is just like if we ban the ownership of guns for US citizens, only the criminals will have guns.

By and large, the US had done what it agrees to do; at least more so than any major country of the world with the possible exception of Britain. To maintain our credibility, Bush does not want to put us in position to compromise our integrity while protecting ourselves against biological weapons.

ON global warming, the Kyoto treaty was based upon false assumptions to be politically correct. The treaty is a joke if it was supposed to be factual.

On small arms, frankly, there is a place for small arms for all of us, civilian and military. Ask the Jews in Germany in the late 1930's.

Note the following excerpt from an article written by pro-small arms treaty person, Rachel Stohl, written in September this year:

John Bolton, (US) undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, set the tone for U.S. participation with his July 9 opening statement, which other participants described as “undiplomatic” and “un-UN-like.” In his remarks, Bolton laid out the U.S. position with stark clarity, emphasizing that the conference should tackle only the illicit transfer of military-style weapons and should not discuss firearms and non-military rifles—the very weapons that are responsible for the most death and devastation caused each year by small arms.

Bolton further outlined “redline” issues that Washington viewed as unacceptable for inclusion in the conference’s program of action. These included restricting civilian ownership of weapons, limiting the legal trade and manufacture of small arms, restricting small arms sales to nongovernmental entities, committing to begin discussions on legally binding agreements, holding a mandatory review conference, and promoting international advocacy by nongovernmental and international organizations.

If a person does not agree with the John Bolton's statement, that person, just like  Ms. Stohl, does not understand human nature's tendency to be greedy, power hungry, and mean if there is not sufficient cause (in the final analysis, weapons) for restraint of the evil within those holding the power, government power or criminal power.

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