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From: "Claes Persson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2001 7:25 PM
Subject: SV: SV: {W&P} Crimes Against Humanity...

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> > In a message dated 12/2/01 9:57:32 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:
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> > << What about helping in this deciding. Helping them to know what the
> > are?  >>
> > ___________________________________________________
> > By all means ...
> >
> > Just keep in mind that Western civilization has been trying to impose
> > its ideals on Africa for several hundred years ... Very little luck, so
> > ...
> > but there's ALWAYS Hope!  :)
> >
> > LG
> >
> > =============================================
> I agree. There is always hope. It's just that I wonder what you mean by
"impose"? What was meant in the old days in Africa didn't work. I hope that
the imposing years are passed. The colonial days are gone.
> What I mean is showing those isolated tribes what the rest of the world
looks like in spite of all "bessewissers" in their own tribes that's doing
whatever they can to isolate their heard in order to keep them in the flock.
And, by the way, even some parts og America need some of that treatment too.
Then the shouting of "God bless" would be swallowed when the knowledge hit
them on the head. And so would happen in tha arab world. People are
responsible for their own actions. No Gods of any kind.
> Maybe we in Scandinavia should return to the old God of Thor and Odin and
start behave like the Vikings once again? The Vikings were active about the
same time as the muslims started their religion, so why not do as bin Laden
and go back to those times? The Viking longships on the way to plunder
Paris, London, Dublin, S:t Petersburg and Istambul once again?
> Or why not go further back to the Zarathustrians 1.500 B.C.? Even the
Sumerians 3.000 B.C. had their Gods. When shall people learn that there are
no Gods but in their own minds that rule their thinking wherefor they never
will learn to understand each other.
> I'm afraid that there will never be peace as long as religion rules and
teach that you, your self, are the best and everybody else is of a lower
> But kinowledge about the different parts of the world helps and that's why
the Talibans were so opposed to the modern communications. It brings
> Claes
> ( :8-)

james gale answeres:

Probably wont have any luck. I believe a culture has to have a certain level
of sophistication before democratic concepts can be understood and
implemented. Its kinda like giving a jockstrap to a headhunter it may be
used for everything from a nose guard to a slingshot untill alittle bit of
intuition gives some insight as to its use. That insight wont come untill
there is enough advancement in that culture to  provide the leisure time and
food to provide enough excess energy to support sports that might require
the use of it. Jim

Claes answers:
Is there any other way? Do you think that people that is not growing up in USA are 
more stupid? Are we all in Europe, Africa or in the rest of the world of a dumber 
breed? Of course not, but your way of answering indicates that that's your attitude, 
I'm sorry to say. Beleive this: People in other parts of the world are not dumber than 
in USA or Europe!

But their upbringing in a different cultur givs them a different set of references and 
those references are often limited to their habitat, the traditional way of life in 
their home country. Using those references often give a different way of looking at 
thing than ours. And I'm not sure it always is worst way.

If the knowledge of the rest of the world is spread, their references will be widened 
and as a result they can be counted on to take a different stand than to day and 
that's what the mullahs (or whatever) fears more than anything else. Therefore their 
deep interrest for isolation. I think that the grouppresure from the beleivers will 
get less and less effective as time goes by.

( :8-)

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