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In a message dated 12/3/01 6:14:41 AM Pacific Standard Time, 

> If the knowledge of the rest of the world is spread, their references will 
> be widened and as a result they can be counted on to take a different stand 
> than to day and that's what the mullahs (or whatever) fears more than 
> anything else. Therefore their deep interrest for isolation. I think that 
> the grouppresure from the beleivers will get less and less effective as 
> time goes by.
> Claes
> ( :8-)

I tend to agree with you on the isolation in so far as keeping their 
homelands free of Western influence. What I don't understand is how 
fundamentalist Muslims think they will be able to export their views to the 
West. Do they really think they will be able to persuade a large portion of 
America to step back in time to when Islam was a culture that was more 
dominate than today? janice

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