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      So! A lot of the third world is going to be enrolled in growing crops that can 
not be used for getting seeds to the next season. (GMO) Next year new seeds have to be 
bought while the crop will be delivered to the seedcompanies. Instead of growing the 
food needed in their surrounding population they (and the rest of the population) have 
to buy what they need through importing other foodstuffs. All these operations give 
the corporations more income and no one else. Sounds like economic slavery, right? If 
you buy the sceem! 
      ( :8-)

  All planters of seed have the option to plant GMO seeds and plants or to plant 
non-GMO seeds and plants.

  No. In India the goverment has orderd the farmers to destroy the old planting seed,  
that has been used for generations and generation and to plant the new unfertile (in 
the next generation) GMO seeds. No other option except starving. All this after 
lobbying by corporations.

  In the US, 60% of the soybeans are Round-up Ready varieties, meaning that the weed 
killer Round-up can be used to control weeds. Round kills every plant in which it 
comes in contact, except genetically modified plants that have the gene to make it 
immune to Round-up.

  Then what is more killed? A monoculture is never good in the long run.

  Round-up is cheap, very environmentally friendly as it is destroyed by sunlight with 
no residue of any type other than natural compounds that have been in the environment 
for thousands (millions?) of years.

  Do you really beleive that or is it just a hope? No one knows really. When we do 
know it's probably too late.
  No one holds a gun to a farmer's head and makes him pay the licensing fee for 
Round-up ready soybean seed. In fact, 40% of the US beans are not GMO beans. No 
corporation is making any body plant GMO seeds any where. 

  I do agree. Greed is enough for accepting. What the hell. After us; Armageddon. Or 
as the Vikings say: After us the Fimbulwinter.

  By the way, the GMO beans are not delivered to the seed companies. The seed 
companies grow their own or contract growers to grow seeds for the new crop sales the 
following year.

  No connction between the seedgrowing business and those that by the crops? When the 
one is depending on the other?


  ( :8-)

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