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> Obviously you have never actually used Round-Up, have you ... Go spray a
> plain old everyday common wild blackberry vine and see what happens ... Same
> with thistles and several others I don't even know the names of ....
> Round-Up kills weeds -- hahahahahahahaha -- NOT!!!

As a matter of fact, I have used round-up every year for the past 15 to 20  years.
The only time it does not kill a plant is when:

I buy a jug from a retailer that has been watered down

I apply it and it rains within three hours (even then, it usually works)

I apply it in the evening as the sun is going down and a very heavy dew falls

I do not cover the entire shrub or brush. Round-up is taken by the leaves and goes
to the roots from which  those specific leaves receive nourishment. If 80% of the
plant is covered with Round-up, 20% of the roots are not killed. In a woody brush
plant (rugged individuals that they are), that is more than enough roots to stay

I walk through my corn field with a hand sprayer when the corn is waist high and
spray the thistle patches with Round-up. When I harvest the corn in the fall, no
thistles. I just assumed it was the Round-up that killed the thistles.

I suggest you go to a farm chemical supplier to get your Round-up.

I assure you, Round-up works if used properly and not watered down.


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