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> In a message dated 12/4/01 11:22:11 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
> << In the US, 60% of the soybeans are Round-up Ready varieties, meaning that 
> the weed killer Round-up can be used to control weeds. Round kills every 
> plant in which it comes in contact, except genetically modified plants that 
> have the gene to make it immune to Round-up. >>
> _______________________________________________________
> Obviously you have never actually used Round-Up, have you ... Go spray a 
> plain old everyday common wild blackberry vine and see what happens ... Same 
> with thistles and several others I don't even know the names of .... 
> Round-Up kills weeds -- hahahahahahahaha -- NOT!!!

--I agree. The story up is not of my hand. I have already answered this statement, 
pressing on that all such chemicals also create monoculturs. Those does not excist in 
nature, and the long term use is difficult to judge. However, it's true that to much 
growing of one and only crop (even without Round-up) leaves a very bad soil where 
nothing will grow in the end. The deserts are coming to take us away, ha, ha.

( :8-)

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