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[In Subject: Re: SV: SV: {W&P} Bush & Treaties....]
Wanted to pass the message that having a gun in every
house is the most logical thing to do. 

For that, s/he quoted Hitler. If Hitler have said
that, it must be wrong. 

First, quoting Hitler or the Nazis for anything is
more than hideous. The Nazis were known for using
euphomisms and using a nuclear of what people already
"know" in order to twist their minds. 

"Arbeit macht freie" - Work liberates - that was
hanged on the gates of Concentration Camps. 

"The final solution" - cleanly put, to exterminate all
Jews in Europe. 

Do you need anymore? 

If the message of free-gun ownership is right enough,
you wouldn't need to use these maters of decieve, the
Nazis, to pass your point that gun-control is bad. 

Those who quote the Nazis for political reasons others
than to Never Forget are hideous people. 


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