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Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 2:58 AM
Subject: Re: SV: SV: {W&P} Bush & Treaties....

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> In a message dated 12/4/01 2:29:56 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
> << --In the whole of Europe there is no need to be armed in order to protect 
> oneself from goverment or anything else. >>
> ____________________________________
> Well, don't stop there .... go ahead and tell me how you never lock any of 
> your doors, home, car or place of business, how your spouses, parents and 
> children are completely safe whether at home or walking on the streets at any 
> time, day or night, how crime is unknown, how no one ever breaks any laws, 
> drug use and abuse has been eliminated ... tell me all the wonderful things 
> about Europe ... and as you compose your tome of glory, contemplate this 
> quote by one of Europes most famous sons concerning how wonderful it is to 
> have gun control:
> This year will go down in history.  For the first time, a civilized nation 
> has full gun registration.  Our streets will be safer, our police more 
> efficient, and the world will 
> follow our lead into the future!    -- Adolph Hitler, 1933 
> LG

--There are idiots everywhere, but to a great extent, compared to the USA, they are 
not armed. If you prefere the situation of schoolchildren going armed to school, using 
guns to stettle differences and so on, it's your problem over there. You have to live 
with it.

If any one ring the bell on my door there is very little risk that I look into a gun 
when I open. As far as I know there are areas that better be avoided in the citys in 
USA. The chance of getting out of there without at least have been mugd is slim.

There are, so far, no houses with armed guards at the doors. No block settlements with 
a high wall, armed guards and glass on top of the wall. But give us retarded Europeans 
time and we will cath up to that standard of living some day.

In the meantime we will watch on the news how the wealthy and superior americans live 
and shoot each other in their privately constructed, but cosy, prisons that have a 
distant similarity to homes.

§( :8-)

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