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> The majority of voters, in or outside USA, are not voting with right wing 
> partys.The center and the left don't excist. Is that the reason why so few 
> of the americans vote? They have no one to vote for as they have nothing in 
> common with the rich and welthy right wing people that can spend enogh 
> millions to get elected. Is that a natural and wanted effect of the 
> american constitution?
> Claes
> ( :8-)

Where are you getting your information? The Democrats are not leftist? They 
want socialized medicine, unionized everything, take from the rich AND anyone 
who is contributing and give it to the drug addicted non productive, unwed 
mother unwed father,missunderstood 
know or care gender,"The Arts"???(dung on a religious symbol) illegal 
immigrants, the families of illegal immigrants, friends and foes of illegal 
immigrants, teachers who will teach children how to put a condom on a 
cucumber (but not how to read) and on and on. Republicans would tell all 
those people to piss up a rope.(excuse the language please).They would like 
to keep their money and take care of themselves as they see fit. They do NOT 
want to be forced to pay for some woman having 6 kids by 5 different fathers. 
They will all grow up and vote Democrat. janice

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