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  Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 9:41 PM
  Subject: Re: SV: SV: SV: {W&P} Bush & Treaties....

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    --In the year 2001? OK, if you say so. I hope that you will not have to get into 
    ( :8-)

  Why do you suppose that Americans have no worry that our Military might decide to 
take over our country? Because we are armed. Some of us quite heavily. Quite a few 
ex-Military own Military style weapons. The Founding Fathers made it quite clear that 
the people we should be most wary of was the government. It sounds as though you live 
in one of those wonderfully scenic, cradle to grave care European countries. They say 
that Norway is voted the most desirable country to live in year after. I love those 
Scandinavian Countries. The furniture is beautiful, the food is wonderful and the 
people are beautiful.I love the Norse God look!!:):):) How old are you claes? :):) 

  --Is it not so that those who own all those guns are feeling very unsafe in the 
society and that the fear of the goverment really has very little to do with all this? 
Those guns are used less skilful than when proffesionals handle them and accidents 
happens. If the society is so unsafe... is it still a good society? For all americans, 
not only for the rich?

  Eh... I'm living in the south of Sweden, close to the Capital of Denmark, 
Copenhagen. By the way - I was just visiting Copenhagen to day (without been armed) in 
the company of an old friend and computerfreak like me (82) whos soul is max 15, but 
mind clear and 82. Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen! I'm Swedish so to say.

  Age? Do you want to know my bodys age or the age of my soul? My body (the 
cronoligical age) is 62. My soul? That's more difficult to say. When I go on tapping 
here or work with other things on the computer that I like to do I think that my soul 
is just about 10 years old (but not my mind, luckily, it's still 62), but when I 
follow the news and think about the state this world is in (mostelly from stupidity, 
ignorance and believing fary tales) I think that my soul feels several hundred years 
old. But what can a single (divorced and pensioned), middleaged man do about it? One 
answere is to now and then tap away and sent my thoughts over the net. Maybe it does 
some good to someone. I know it does to me.

  ( :8-) (portrait)

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