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"I'd also like to know where you get off calling
someone hideous simply 
because they quote someone else, ....."

This is not someone else, this is the Nazis. The Nazis
were experts on twisting language and using it to
their means. Everything they ever did with language
was to misuse "clean" words to pass on their dirty

"...but I do agree with you -- we should NEVER FORGET
what can happen when 
gun control is allowed to become law!..." 

So again, you use what the Nazis wrote, their
euphomisms, to pass your political message. The Nazis
didn't kill people because of gun control. They killed
people because they hated: Jews, communists,
homosexuals, and the rest of that fine list that was
quoted here elsewhere by Janice as "the people the
Democrats support". After all, they were cleaning the
society of unwatnted elements - Janice said that
herslef, these people shouldn't be supported. 

Last but not least, no I don't think that if Jews had
guns they had better success against the Nazis. Learn
your history - partisans did almost nothing, it was
the militaries that beat the Nazis; Communists who
tried to resist forcefully were just slaughtered along
with the people who just happened to live in the same

As for gun-control, what happens when you have
gun-control is what happens in most countries in
Europe. People are violent and commit horrible crimes,
but mostly there are no shotings. Are all countries in
Western Europe supporters of Nazi policies? 


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