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In a message dated 12/5/01 3:04:40 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

> But what can a single (divorced and pensioned), middleaged man do about it? 
> One answere is to now and then tap away and sent my thoughts over the net. 
> Maybe it does some good to someone. I know it does to me.
> Claes
> ( :8-) (portrait)

You sound like a lovely man. Have you always lived in Sweden? Perhaps that is 
why you see things as you do. We are a MUCH younger country than yours. And 
we have STATES the size of your country. If you have not lived here I don't 
know how you could understand. If you read our History, you would know that 
this is a country that was founded by men who had a deep mistrust of 
government. They believed we would be better off taking care of ourselves and 
not letting the government have much power over how we lived. Right now about 
one-third of the people still feel that way. I am one of those people. About 
one-third think that the government is there to take care of them. But the 
government does not have any money of it's own. So it must take it from the 
people to give it to the other people who want to be taken care of. The other 
third of the people don't care what happens. janice

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