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Though you couldn't hear it, you have been receiving a standing ovation here 
in Oregon for the last several hours!  :)

In a message dated 12/5/01 7:49:01 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< Excuse me?? I am a middle class woman who has worked since I was sixteen 
 years old. I GOT MARRIED and had my children and did not make the taxpayers 
 pay for them. I am now 53 and single. I do not have health insurance. I do 
 not get free medical care. I do not get food stamps or subsidized housing. 
 I get sick I am out of luck. I have not had a checkup in twenty-five years. 
 Because I cannot afford it. But my pay is taxed to pay for unwed mothers and 
 illegal immigrants to get all those things. I am so sorry that you find it 
 uncivilized that I think I should be forced to pay for criminals and 
 irresponsible people to receive these things. I happen to think people 
 be responsible for themselves. And that people who have broken our laws 
 (illegal immigrants) should not be rewarded for it. If you think that is 
 uncivilized so be it. janice >>

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