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In a message dated 12/5/01 3:30:18 PM Pacific Standard Time, [EMAIL PROTECTED] 

<< << LG: "...but I do agree with you -- we should NEVER FORGET what can 
happen when  gun control is allowed to become law!..." >>
Tamar: So again, you use what the Nazis wrote, their euphomisms, to pass your 
political message. The Nazis didn't kill people because of gun control. They 
killed people because they hated: Jews, communists, homosexuals, and the rest 
of that fine list that was quoted here elsewhere by Janice as "the people the 
Democrats support". After all, they were cleaning the society of unwatnted 
elements -- Janice said that herslef, these people shouldn't be supported. 
You are really out in left field on this .... Maybe the mention of the word 
Nazi is putting blinders on your thinking -- either that or we had better 
take a crash course in communications skills .....

You're upset because I quoted Hitler ... why shouldn't I? As long as I get 
the quote accurate and don't put words in someone's mouth that they didn't 
say, and as long as the use of the quote advances the point I'm trying to 
make ... I fail to see what the problem is. Are you saying that Hitler and 
the Nazis didn't exist? 

I'll let Janice respond to the balance of your last paragraph.


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