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<< Tamar: Last but not least, no I don't think that if Jews had guns they had 
better success against the Nazis. Learn your history -- partisans did almost 
nothing, it was the militaries that beat the Nazis; Communists who tried to 
resist forcefully were just slaughtered along with the people who just 
happened to live in the same building. 
As for gun-control, what happens when you have gun-control is what happens in 
most countries in Europe. People are violent and commit horrible crimes, but 
mostly there are no shotings. Are all countries in Western Europe supporters 
of Nazi policies?  >>
So your real point is that death by, say, 40 or 50 stab wounds, drowning, a 
suicide bomber,  or being beaten to death by a baseball bat are all 
infinitely preferable to the European mind over being shot???

Personally, I think it would be a lot less painful to take a bullet .....



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