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> In a message dated 12/5/01 11:51:03 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
> << Evolution works, as I ment with the past letter, on ALL living things with 
> cells. Animals, as we are, or trees or whatever. What lived here on the 
> planet 100.000 years ago was different to what is living here to day..And 
> what's living to day is the staring point for the evolution to change this to 
> whatever all living things will look like in 100.000. Don't want to accept 
> this? Religious fundamentalists never can as they are convinced that just 
> they are the crown of the "creation". But the evolution will not and can not 
> be effected by what we want to accept. It goes on with or without acceptance 
> from those living things it is working on. That goes for man, monkey, tree, 
> fish or whatever living. We are, all of us, at the mercy of the DNA molecule.
>  It is known and proven beyond doubt to day. But some people can't accept 
> that as they prefere to read and beleive the "creation" fary tales of 
> different old texts that was written thousends of years ago. I rest my case! 
> >>
> ____________________________________________________
> Don't be resting just yet ... You're talking in circles, but you're not 
> saying anything. 

--Yes I am, but you are not listening.

> << Evolution works >>
> ----> Then WHY do we still have monkeys and apes?

Why not? Why should all kind of apes and monkeys have been deveoped into some kind of 

> << What lived here on the planet 100.000 years ago was different to what is 
> living here to day >>

> ----> Not as much as you might think

--You don't know how much I think the living things have changed, but at the same time 
you do realise that there have been some change.

Sharks leap immediately to mind. The 
> Cycanthus (sp?), that fish found off the coast of South America, thought to 
> be extinct for millions of years ... alive and completely unchanged after all 
> that time. The Dawn Redwood, billed in seed catalogs as a "living fossil" ... 
> and, to paraphrase Sonny & Cher -- the list goes on!

-- If a child is born, that don't mean that all the grandfathers suddenly dissapeare. 
Also the grandfathers goes on living. The same with new and old spisces. That's how 
new spiesces evolve.

> << Don't want to accept this? Religious fundamentalists never can as they are > 
>convinced that just they are the crown of the "creation". >>

> ----> I have no trouble accepting the idea that Adam & Eve is a metaphor for > what 
>really happened ... the story was given to people who had no way of > understanding 
>science, so it was presented to them in a way that they could 
> understand. After all ... a second is a million years in the eyes of the Lord 

--You should say "in the eyes of the DNA"!

> As to DNA ... it's my understanding that there isn't that much difference 
> between the DNA of all living things

--Right! Only one gene separates us from the chimpanzee!

 -- so the similarity between apes and 
> humans is no flashing neon sign that proves they were our ancestors. In fact, 
> I believe the most current theory states that humans and apes descended from > a 
>common ancestor, not that humans descended from apes. 

---I think we can be quite sure about that that common ancestor also was an ape! So 
what's the difference?

> The magic word in all of this is "Theory" ... we have all sorts of theories, 
> based on other theories ... And if we're right, we can pat ourselves on the 
> back because we're soooo smart ... But what if all of these theories are 
> eventually proven wrong? Thinking back to where science was 50 years ago and > where 
>it is today ... who knows where we'll be 50 years from now?

-- It's not all theory. A lot of arceologocal evidence as well as results from the DNA 
investigations tell the story loud and clear. If the result of this don't fit into the 
religious fary tales the only solution is of course denial of facts (as churches 
always have been spcialists on). Facts that points in an other directions than the 
fary tales.

And now you are once again going to ask why there still is monkeys and apes?

( :8-)

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