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Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 10:35 PM
Subject: Re: SV: SV: SV: {W&P} Bush & Treaties....

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> In a message dated 12/5/01 11:52:42 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
> << In the meantime we will watch on the news how the wealthy and superior 
> americans live and shoot each other in their privately constructed, but cosy, 
> prisons that have a distant similarity to homes. >>
> __________________________________________________
> Actually, I think its the poor folks who are doing most of the shooting ... 
> rich folks hire others to do it for them rather than to soil their hands.
> LG

--You have a point there!

> BTW: As Usama did, you have a very warped sense of what America is all about, 
> based on TV, the movies and our last president. If we're as terrible as you 
> seem to believe we are, then why are people willing to die for a chance to 
> come here? Maybe before you set in judgement of us, you should come and spend > some 
>time in our country and get to know what we're really all about.

Maybe I make the same mistake that all the media does. Just talk about the bad things. 
Right! There are a lot of good people in the USA, of course. A lot of good things is 
done in the world by american related forces, but there are always some black spots 
too (even the sun has spots), and they are a result of some arrogance (as a result of 
neglecting to take an interrest of other nations) that the rest of the world have some 
diffculty to swallow. I think that the american people will have to learn to live with 
that or realize that they are not members of a nation that always knows best.

As my means of living, due to different medical and other circumstances, is limited I 
can no longer indulge in intercontinental travelling, but about your comment about 
people risking their lives to get to USA:

Your mistake is the conclution that people risk their lives to get TO USA. This kind 
of illegal immigration goes on worldwide (including between third world countries). 
People risk suffocating in containers, freeze to death in the hull of aeroplanes 
landinggears or to try to ride under the railwaycars to get into Europe, in many cases 
the UK. A triccle also comes to Scandinavia, but only a triccle as Scandinavia 
generally is considdered too cold.

I think this indicates that they are not, in the first place, running TO some place - 
not even if this place happens to be the USA - they are running FROM some place to, 
what they hope will be a better life in the western world.

The differences in livingstandard between the western and the third are in many cases 
getting bigger and bigger. It can be expected to trigger an even bigger flood of 
people that for thier surviving will try to get to a better place in the western world 
resulting in more and more kaos by the borders.

The western world and their corporations must, I think, give the growing gap between 
the western and the third world a good thought. Or, at least in the longer 
perspective, face kaos along it's borders and inside the westerns world too. If this 
gap is not faced and dealt with, no matter how leagal the trade can be said to be 
(according to WTO standard), the future in the world is dark, or gloomy at least, I'm 

( :8-)

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