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> << Tamar: Last but not least, no I don't think that if Jews had guns they had
> better success against the Nazis. Learn your history -- partisans did almost
> nothing, it was the militaries that beat the Nazis; Communists who tried to
> resist forcefully were just slaughtered along with the people who just
> happened to live in the same building.

You simply are wrong and do not know what you are talking about. Partisans, by many
people's estimates that lived (and died) in the war have said the Partisan
operations were just as important to the war effort than the formal military
operations. They may are may not be true, but you are completely wrong in saying
Partisans were ineffective. Were many of them slaughtered? Sure. Partisans were
pretty much learned their trade OJT (on the job training) and made many mistakes
that cost lives... lots of lives.

There were a lot of organized military units that got slaughtered as well... on both

> As for gun-control, what happens when you have gun-control is what happens in
> most countries in Europe. People are violent and commit horrible crimes, but
> mostly there are no shotings. Are all countries in Western Europe supporters
> of Nazi policies?  >>

Your mental process of connecting thoughts and/or facts is unusual at best and worse
than incorrect at worst.

History has shown that time and time again, many European governments have been
taken over by power hungry people against the will of the people (as well as with
the acceptance at times). It has never happened in the US.

There was widespread talk that Bill Clinton would find some constitutional reason
not to end his term as President. I assure you, had that happened, the armed
citizens of this country would have eventually put an end to the Clinton presidency
if constitutional means had failed to remove him.


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