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    The standard of a culture is shown by the way it treats is less fortunate members. 
They are members of that culture, right? So with this attitude I think that you (and 
your friends alike) are going to create even more unfortunate and in the end violent 
people. By more guns! You'l need them!

    ( :8-)

  Excuse me?? I am a middle class woman who has worked since I was sixteen years old. 
I GOT MARRIED and had my children and did not make the taxpayers pay for them. I am 
now 53 and single. I do not have health insurance. I do not get free medical care. I 
do not get food stamps or subsidized housing. If I get sick I am out of luck. I have 
not had a checkup in twenty-five years. Because I cannot afford it. But my pay is 
taxed to pay for unwed mothers and illegal immigrants to get all those things. I am so 
sorry that you find it uncivilized that I think I should be forced to pay for 
criminals and irresponsible people to receive these things. I happen to think people 
should be responsible for themselves. And that people who have broken our laws 
(illegal immigrants) should not be rewarded for it. If you think that is uncivilized 
so be it. janice


  Yes. You are right. Nobody needs to pay. Just let the bastards starve. That's the 
cheapest way.

  But, really, how about your soul? Can that attitude be accepted as a standard? And 
it get worse as the gap between the Western and the third world widens. What to do? 
You are living in the biggest economy in the world that still has more poor people 
than Europe. The taxes and for example the price of gas is half of that in Europe. 
Where has it gone wrong? All that money is maybe locked up in corporations and is of 
no good for the people, that is except for the people that the corporations have use 
for in order to make more money.

  ( :8-)

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