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In a message dated 12/6/01 6:36:43 AM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< Yes. You are right. Nobody needs to pay. Just let the bastards starve. 
That's the cheapest way. >>
OK -- a little truth in advertising here, Please!

I cannot seriously believe that YOU believe it's all right for Janice, and 
millions of others that are in the same position that she is in, to be 
expected to pay for someone's food, medical care and illigitimate brats, 
while she has to go without. 

And if that IS what you believe, then why don't countries such as yours open 
your borders and let all these losers in to overburden Your pristine little 
living arrangements for a change??? 

Granted, Americans are probably the most generous people on earth. But I, for 
one, am getting sick and tired of always having to be the country that sends 
money, help, food, medicine, defense ... while Europe and the rest of the 
world sits back on it's collective butt and does nothing except complain 
about how terrible the USA is.

A rampaging LG 

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