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In a message dated 12/6/01 1:36:03 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< As I said: Only rightwing partys. Wether they are more or less whacko 
conservatives or more or less whacko liberals they are just to be considdered 
rightwing partys and nothing else. And all depending on corporate funding, 
right? >>
I don't understand how you can say they are ALL rightwing parties. 

Liberal Democrats are for BIG Government, Cradle-to-Grave Government 
intrusion into private lives. They think all the worlds problems can be 
solved by inventing cutesy names for everything (Was: Dumb as a Post. Now: 
Learning Challenged), Education scares the daylights out of them because an 
informed electorate is too hard to control, they think anyone should be 
allowed to do anything no matter how perverse and sick it is, and the rest of 
us should just sit back and pretend that its really normal and we're just 
prejudiced. They think the state can do a better job of raising kids than the 
parents can. They believe animals, plants and planet earth are more important 
than human beings. A socialistic/communistic BIG BROTHER world government is 
their main goal in life.....

Conservative Republicans are for as little government as possible, they think 
people can care for themselves and each other much better than government 
ever could. They find the world of political correctness to be one of the 
biggest jokes perpetrated on mankind  (calling them "learning challenged does 
NOT change the fact that their dumb as a post), they believe that getting an 
education is the most important thing there is, and there's no such thing as 
knowing to much, they believe in personal freedom but not at the expense of 
others. They believe parents are much better at raising kids than the state 
ever could be. They believe animals, plants and planet earth should always be 
considered, but people are just as important. They have no respect for 
socialists or communists, and you can take Big Brother and put him where the 
sun don't shine!

Yes -- both sides get corporate funding -- sometimes from the same 
corporation! Because corporations believe in playing both sides against the 


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