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<< Anyone know if there's any truth to the claim that an American is being
 charged with Treason in regards to complicity in the Afghanistan prison
 riot which resulted in the death of a CIA operative? >>
Hi JohnT,

This is the only thing that I could find that even remotely address what you
asked about. Where did you hear this at?


Hi LG,

I received a private email from a member who didn't want to post... a
confirmed lurker :)

They mentioned John Walker, too... so I guess that's the individual who is
supposed to be charged with treason.

Who has a good definition of treasonous acts? Do John Walker's actions fall
within a definition of Treason?  He apparently was working against US
interests... but was it treasonous?

So .... exactly what constitutes Treason and was John Walker a Traitor?

John T

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