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Sent: Friday, December 07, 2001 9:49 AM
Subject: RE: {W&P} Aid

> In a message dated 12/6/01 1:37:38 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
> << And why, may I ask, do you think that only americans send help? Maybe the 
> american media only reports what americans do, right? >>
> __________________________________________________
> Entirely possible ... Given the amount of news coverage we have and how many 
> folks I've heard saying thank you --- they now get our cable news coverage, 
> and how nice it is that they can finally know whats going on in the world ...
> Sooooo ..... How many tons of food and supplies has Denmark sent to 
> Afghanistan? How many medical teams and equipment to Honduras after it was 
> devastated when Hurricane Mitch hit? How many rescue teams to Mexico after 
> the huge earthquakes a couple years ago? (should I go on?)

-- It's easy to put a question... I have, and neither have you, I think, any 
emedeatelly accessable statistics on this subject, as well as a lot of other questions 
that any one may choose to put. However: I do know that there are many, both 
nationbased and international, organisations active at every reason for them to 
activate. They are also shown and interwiued on news here, at least. Beleive it or not!

( :8-)

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